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Troll Face Quest. Internet

Description: Description: There are many different things on the Internet, you can and need to laugh at it, not stopping. This same thought is shared by our esteemed Troll, along with whom you will go to the world of virtual adventures. In the game "Trollfeas Quest Internet Memes" you have to answer a phone call, but if you want, you can pull out the cord so you do not get in the way, but then you can burst into tears. And when you want to go to the toilet, one gnome will offer a cantilever, but why do you need it if you can just cut it out and knock the door in flight off your feet. There will also be Neo from the "Matrix", cleverly dodging bullets, as well as a computer game, in itself is not terrible, but if you combine it with a cat, you can do it. Wanted to sit with friends at the fire, and the fire is not enough, and the wood does not roll? Then perdanite, how many there are forces, so that all faces are already burnt. The cat climbed a tree, and you want to do a good deed and bring it back? Then call the basketball player, but not the fact that he would prefer a cat, and not throw you into the basketball basket. Do you want to play the game "Who wants to be a millionaire," but only know one correct answer? Take off your real mask as in a strange deer who can change clothes. Then the girl showed up, who loves fires so much that she is even ready to burn the fire engine. In general, there are a lot of cases, and here without a solution it is not clear what puzzles already can not do. We wish you to cope with all the hassle and get the most pleasure. Dare to the full!скачать dle 12.0

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